Tash Bhairo leads the team, as he is the strongest I.T. support hero.

From an early age, Tash stood out in the tech industry. From building complex Lego at the age of 3, to creating electronic devices by hand at the age of 6, his passion for technology and analytical thinking has been prevalent. This has allowed Tash, to become the top level I.T. executive and manager at the age of 19, for large corporate I.T. company in South Africa.

His qualifications vary from BscIT, as well as MCSE, MCITP, CCNA, and all the pluses (A+, N+, L+), to a UCT qualification in Information Systems.

Quickly climbing the corporate ladder, his drive for innovation and moving onwards to change the world for the better, lead him to start Rapid Remote. With 11 years of I.T. experience, and having worked on some of the biggest I.T. projects in South Africa, his biggest projects and I.T. implementation solutions are yet to come. His core belief is to always collect knowledge and move forward. This passion is indicative of exciting solutions that he would like to implement to growing businesses in South Africa.

Become one of the over and above 1200 companies, and 18 000 users that he has served and managed.

His alter ego, Director X, is his persona at Rapid Remote. With effective communication, willingness to jump in to all areas of disaster, and saving the world from dreaded tech problems, is his purpose.

Tash is leading industry innovation and breaking down legacy barriers in order to pave the way of the technological future. Who better than Tash Bhairo to chaperone your business in to the new age.

Imagine the possibilities of this genius at command!